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Our Research
Our qualitative methodologies are designed to meet the needs of each individual project.  We appreciate that often you simply need first class qualitative research  with fast, clear and actionable feedback.

Where your objectives demand it, we also – and increasingly – offer the following:

Consumer profiling

A thorough immersion in the world of the consumer. The closer we can get to the consumer and the more perspectives we can get on their world the better the foundation with which to develop new ideas. We use a tool-kit of qualitative techniques to create a ‘virtual reality’ multi-media model of the consumer. The client is encouraged to meet the consumer face to face.

Idea generation workshops

To accelerate creative thinking and build embryonic ideas

A ‘Fast Build’  fast track product
To rigour check the potential of these ideas and provide diagnostic pointers for development of the most promising

Accelerated research programmes

To speed the process from blue-sky thinking to fully constructed concepts

"Kirsten is one of the best moderators I've had the chance to work with. Kirsten doesn't just moderate & facilitate groups in an outstanding way. She connects with the consumers whom immediately open up to her. It allows her to get
information in 30 minutes what other might get after 3 hours. She really cares for the project,
the team and the consumer. She remains objective and adds useful perspective from her knowledge,
experience & high intelligence. Working with Kirsten is fun, stimulating & unforgettable.
I will recommend her to everybody that wants to better connect with his consumers."
Consumer & Market Knowledge Section Head, US Consumer Goods Leading Company

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